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Destiny school provides continuity and a sense of family as it is possible for a child to start their schooling in a Nursery class and progress through all the grades to Grade Seven. We are proud of the education given to Destiny children, and we feel there are many reasons for our success




Why Choose Us

Prospective parents often ask why they should choose Destiny Primary School rather than other schools in the area. We offer an attractive and well resourced environment in which to work and play. We offer a forward looking curriculum, which will open a surer route to success in the technology – orientated wider world. We offer a co-educational education in a community drawn from a variety of racial and religious backgrounds.

We believe that the environment we create will improve the likelihood of our pupils growing up naturally to be tolerant and open-minded adults who are well equipped to encounter the realities of life.

We pride ourselves on being regarded as a happy school, and believe that our students will produce better results if they are living and working in an environment which is disciplined, but at the same time experienced by them as being fair, civilized, tolerant of human diversity and indeed appreciative of the gifts of others. 

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